Rafael Alencar kisses and licks Luke Adams’ hard chest and dark nipples. He goes slowly down his body making sure he kisses every bit. He pulls off Luke’s shorts and kisses his cock through his small, tight underpants. Wanting more, he pulls them off and begins to suck on Luke’s already stiff cock and his heavy ball sack. They take their time as they slowly make love to each other. This is not acting, this is the real thing. Just watch them as they carry on kissing and grinding their hips into each other…
They change positions and Luke sucks Rafael’s cock up and down, taking it all the way to the back of his throat. He interrupts the sucking for a minute as he goes up and kisses Rafael Alencar Tube oh his lips once again. He makes sure he kisses his chest and stomach on the way back down towards his cock.
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Rafael turns around and puts his firm ass up in the air. Luke darts his tongue in and out of his tight crack, getting it all wet and lubed up. Rafael closes his eyes and bites his lip trying not to moan out to loud with excitement. Luke smiles and slides his condom-covered cock all the way into him. The camera goes in close and we see Luke’s cock driving in and out to that sweet tasting man crack as he fucks him doggy style.
Sweat rolls down their panting bodies as Luke fucks Rafael Alencar’s asshole in the missionary position. He rams his cock home time and time again, making Rafael cum on his own stomach. Luke Adams looks down, strokes his cock a couple of times and watches as his hot spunk mixes in with Rafael.
These two hot and horny men truly are ‘Gay Porn’ masters.