You might recall a few days back that we were talking about a new series from Broke Straight Boys, which was entitled Stepfather’s secret. The first scene entailed older stepdad Dirk Caber catching stepson Johnny Rapid in the shower and the pair indulged in some nice rampant sex with a beautiful old/young contrast. Well Dirk reprises his role in this scene, only this time it is a different stepson which makes an appearance: Trevor Spade in his inaugural scene for the company. He is a young twink who really does look the business with his rampant libido and fit, tattooed body which really goes down well with Dirk, who can’t keep his hands off him.

Trevor is struggling with his anatomy homework and can’t grasp the finer parts of how a man’s body parts actually function. However, the chat becomes a little bit too complicated which results in Dirk thinking that a practical demonstration may be apt to help young Trevor to get the points a little bit better. As part of this science Broke Straight Boys ‘lesson’, he uses the boy’s own soft cock and hanging nuts for as apparatus. Pre-cum is then sampled and Dirk starts to suck gently on the boy’s hard shaft, just for demonstration purposes of course.

This is Trevor’s first time with a straight guy and he is not sure what to make of Dirk’s hard cock which bursts from his suit pants. It looks like a lethal weapon which could cause some damage, but Trevor undresses from his pyjamas and starts to suck hard on it before the couple move to the bed for added comfort. Then, the sexual chemistry intensifies and Dirk carefully slides his cock into Trevor’s virgin hole which really sets Trevor off with pleasure and groans aplenty.

Then this progresses into a frenzied and hard banged fest as the older man drills the twink’s ass in all positions and Trevor is really getting the idea of anatomy. Trevor cannot hold back his jizz any longer and proceeds to cum on Dirk who really laps it up, literally. Dirk then returns the favour and the anatomy lesson is over for the day unfortunately but this is one great Broke Boys scene.